Uganda Trip 2015

Every other year there is a fantastic opportunity for a team of young people to go out to Uganda, where Finchampstead Baptist Church is building a strong relationship with Busu, a small and impoverished village in the Iganga region of Uganda. The team spend about two weeks working with the people out there in local schools, doing assemblies and leading classes; helping in orphanages; working on the Subbi Medical Clinic in the Busu village, and helping and getting to know the children and families that live in Busu.

There is a team currently out in Uganda and we will be posting regular updates on how they are getting on, on this page!

All the team are having an amazing time and all are well!!! We split into 3 teams this morning:
1 Orphanage - playing and cuddling the babies :-)
2: Suubi - painting and laying bricks plus cementing!! 
3: Schools - a school which had only seen mzungus once before!! Mzungus means - white people.
Assembly and lessons : as always ALL teams were amazing- ALL parents should be very proud of their children!!!
After a quick lunch break we split into 2 teams:
1: Back to suubi continuing the building work :)
2: We travelled an hour to a really remote orphanage- incredible poverty!!! We simply loved the children for an hour - we didn't want to go!! On the way back to Iganga now - tired but full of smiles :)

Update from Simon:  The team spent the morning at Busu primary school doing lessons, assemblies and spent time with 700 children!  The team were amazing, with their testimonies, drama and tikka tikka tumba!  We then had a quick lunch and did the same in the afternoon at another school!   We then went back to Busu and played a football match vs the local side - lost 3-1 :( - Lewis scored :)!!!  All the team are well and all are having an amazing time - whilst getting browner (could be the sun or dirt!!)

The team are having fun learning all about the culture of Uganda - to see the video click here

Stopping for a picnic on the way to Iganga

Uganda 28th

The team arrived safely in Iganga around lunchtime and have settled into Jenny's Guest House.  After lunch they were going to go over to the Suubi Medical Clinic for the first time.  The team are all good - happy and very hot!


It is all good news!! After a long journey they arrived safely in Uganda and have done so much in just a short time:

A rest day around the pool in Kampala


University Church with about 400 people - Did drama, cardboard testomies and Simon preached



Sunday night culture Show


They are now on their way to Iganga


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