About the FBC Centre


Opened in April 2010, the FBC Centre is a community facility in Finchampstead which has provided a real boost to amenities in the local area.

Of course, due to the current health situation, the building was closed and all facilities and activities ceased.

We are begining to re-open in a very measured and careful way ... taking it one step at a time.

Some staff have returned but the building remains closed to the general public. Wokingham Bourough Council have not yet decided to re-open the Library and the Parish Council and Children's Centre staff are not in their offices on a regular basis.

The FBC Café is operating a limited takeaway service from the doors at the rear of the building and there is a one-way system, clockwise around the building, to access the Café. Unfortunately, it is not safe - either for visitors or staff - to alow access to the toilets at this time.

In order to maintain the one-way system and thereby maximise eveyone's safety, access to the parks and field is via the double gates, to the right of the building, leading to the cycle path.

PLEASE NOTE the car park gates will be locked at 5PM so please arrange to exit the car park by then. This is Monday to Saturday, the car park will not be open at all on Sundays.

We will be re-starting some activities within the Centre over the coming weeks and months, obviously with quite a few restrictions in place. Please see the revised What's On tab for information and sign-up details.

The Church is 'meeting' on-line for the foreseeable future - click here

Reception tel: 0118 908 8155