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Prayer breakfast, every first and third Saturday at 8h30 in the FBC café (excepts bank holiday weekends). Coffee, faith and friendship. Whether you're a faith veteran or just exploring, this is a place to be real. Turn up and join in...

Lightly Toasted

Curry nights, pub evenings, mountain biking in Swinley... ad hoc events for relaxing together and having time to catch up on life, the universe and everything. Good times guaranteed.


Joining together to make a practical difference, whether it's getting a fridge to a family in need or clearing snow for an elderly couple. Some projects only need one or two people, some require a large team. There's plenty of need around us, so join the team.


We have two annual highlights. The CVM weekend in June and a hiking weekend among ourselves in September. Both are great times to get away from it all and do what we do best...

For more information about any of these events please email fbcfellas@finchampstead.com