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The FBC Women group organises a wide range of activities and events during the year.  Please email fbcwomen@finchampstead.com should you wish to join our mailing list or if you have any questions.
Social activities
FBC Women organise curry nights, film nights, coffee mornings, pudding nights, charity and other social events throughout the year.  There is also a monthly book club meeting.
Connect and Short Term Groups
There is a regular daytime Connect Group for women and several short term groups are run throughout the year.  To find out more please look at www.finchampstead.com/smallgroups.
Members of FBC Women attend several conferences throughout the year including the Hillsong Colour Conference in London, the Cherish Conference in Leeds and the Real Conference in Bracknell.
Summer Challenge
In 2016 a group of FBC Women tackled the 28 mile Mary Jones Walk in North Wales and in 2017 we are planning a 26 mile Thames Path challenge.


FBC Women work to support charities and other organisations in the local community and beyond throughout the year.  There is currently a prayer group focusing on the work of The A21 Campaign throughout the world.