The FBC Centre is also a host venue for a whole load of activities, some of which we run and some that are organised by other people. There is sure to be something going on that you can get involved in.

We are also part of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, a member of the Evangelical Alliance and a founding church of The Further Faster Network.

Our Values

Jesus created the church to be a movement that would carry on his mission. We are to be his hands, feet and voice in the world around us. We are to be his agents of joy and hope in a world that is desperate for it. Jesus intended the church to be a verb, not a noun, it's active, not passive.

We are ...

Dependent on God

Jesus was dependent on his heavenly father, and so are we. We want to stay close to God, allowing him to be at work in us and through us, being guided by him both individually and collectively.

Outwardly Focused

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. His mission is our mission. We recognise and resist the gravitational pull of the church to drift inwards and to the people who are like us. We actively seek to invite people to 'Come and See' for themselves, removing any unnecessary obstacles that stand in the way of people discovering Jesus.

Inwardly Strong

Jesus invested in his disciples, he cared for them and challenged them, equipping them to follow him. We want to do the same. We all intentionally support, encourage and care for each other. We are united as one body and one team with Jesus at the centre.

For our Community

Jesus loved the people around him not just the ones who were like him and so do we. We want to be good news, not just speak good news. Like Jesus, we actively love and serve our community in a way that recognises the value, equality and dignity in everyone.

Prioritising The Next Generation

Jesus valued children immensely, and so do we. We believe that the faith of the next generation is worth everything. A significant portion of our time and resources is invested in helping children and young people discover a living and active faith of their own.

Giving Our Best

Jesus didn't hold anything back, and neither do we. He called us to 'go the extra mile' therefore we are willing to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in. We want to make it better, embracing failure as part of this process. We give our best because we recognise that God and the people we serve deserve our best.

Our Beliefs

We invite you to explore our beliefs and join us in our pursuit of living out our faith in boldness and passion.

  • About God

    We believe in one true God who exists eternally in three distinct persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ is the second member of the Trinity (the Son of God) who became incarnate in human form to reveal God to humanity and to become the Saviour of the world. We believe in the work of Holy Spirit to unite us with God, empower our discipleship and equip our witness.

  • About the Scriptures

    We believe in the divine inspiration and authority of Old and New Testament scripture. That they are the primary source of God’s revelation to us and are reliable and sufficient for our needs.

  • About Humanity

    We believe in the dignity and equality of all people, created in the image of God to have fellowship with him but became alienated in that relationship through sinful disobedience. As a result, people are incapable of regaining a right relationship with God through their own efforts.

  • About Salvation

    We believe in the atoning sacrifice of Christ on the cross: dying in our place, paying the price of sin and defeating the power of evil to make it possible for us to be reconciled to God. We believe in the personal and visible return of Christ to bring eternal life to the redeemed and eternal condemnation to the lost.

  • About the Christian Life

    We believe all Christians should live for Christ and not for themselves. By obedience to the Word of God and daily surrender to the Spirit of God, every believer should grow in maturity being conformed to the image of Christ.

  • About the Church

    We believe that the church is the body of Christ, both local and universal, of which Jesus Christ is the head. The members of the church are those who have trusted by faith the finished work of Christ. The purpose of the church is to glorify and worship God through demonstrating and declaring the gospel in the world we are called to live.